Robinson Bradshaw

Author: Jeffrey Hart

Fund Sponsors and Placement Agents – Navigating Broker-Dealer Issues

Fund sponsors often engage investment banking or placement firms to help raise capital or generate deal flow for their funds. In exchange, the sponsor may offer a cash fee, a piece of the sponsor’s carried interest, equity in the applicable portfolio company, or some other form of compensation. Many sponsors and advisors are unaware that […]

LP Co-Investments: Benefits, Risks, and Deal Points

Co-investments play an important role in alternative asset investments. A “co-investment” generally is a portfolio company investment made by an institutional investor, at its discretion, alongside a sponsor’s “blind pool” investment fund. This post describes some benefits and risks of co-investments, both to investors and sponsors, and some of the commonly negotiated terms. Co-investments offer […]

Does a Private Fund Need a PPM?

The short answer is no. A private investment fund (whether a venture capital fund, private credit fund, private equity fund, hedge fund, fund-of-funds or other type of non-registered fund) is not legally required to have a private placement memorandum or other offering document. Producing a high-quality PPM takes a material amount of time, work and […]